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New Website

At long last the nineties look of my old website has been refreshed in time for spring and a new book! The navigation is streamlined and we have an elegant colour scheme. It’s still a work in progress, so do feel free to give me feedback and thanks to Eddie Faria for the design and work.   Stay tuned for ...
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September 11, 2010, Ponta Delgada

It’s a somber day in America, but a celebration is afoot in the harbor. All summer long, the Portuguese have been voting on the seven wonders in their country, and tonight a gala ceremony is to be held and the results announced. There is dancing, light shows, fireworks and the Azores gets two of the seven spots. Sete Cidades is ...
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August 23, 2010, Toronto

I’ve begun packing. Visits to the doctor’s office have led to prescriptions for Dukoral (an oral vaccine against cholera and traveler’s diarrhea), a scopalamine patch for sea-sickness (witches used this drug to create feelings of “flying” and communicating with god back in the day – where did those days go?), and the usual precautionary bottle of Cipro, vitamins and such ...
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