Anand Mahadevan is a Toronto-based Canadian writer. He was born in Madras (now Chennai), India in 1979 and grew up in and around provincial towns in the Deccan Plateau before completing his high school education in Pune, the once-capital of the Peshwas, then British-cantonment town and now university-city. Some of these experiences are distilled in his first novel The Strike.

In 1996, when his parents immigrated to Canada, Anand became a scholarship student at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME and took degrees in Biology and German, publishing his theses in the Journal of Neurophysiology and Comparative Literature. During this time, Anand also hosted a cooking show on television and began travelling extensively spending time in Germany and Switzerland as a research scholar.

In 2000, as a Howard Hughes Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Anand began graduate work in Neuroscience at Brandeis University and began writing stories. In December of 2002, Anand completed the requirements for a Master’s degree with a thesis on neuromodulation and arrived in Toronto with a goal to write. His six years of education in the United States inform his second novel (manuscript available).

Anand has received grants from the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council and was recently a Fulbright Fellow at Boston University’s acclaimed Creative Writing program where he began work on a third novel length manuscript set in the Dufferin Grove neighbourhood of Toronto.

Back home in Toronto, Anand now teaches writing, science, and works on stories of individuals and families, who venture beyond the familiar territory of their home into the world. He continues to have a busy travel schedule that takes him to Hong Kong, Netherlands, Azores, Ecuador, France, India and is currently planning trips to Kigali and Zanzibar. Anand’s short stories have been anthologized, and when time permits, he writes articles for the Globe and Mail and reviews books for The Tottenville Review. In his spare time, Anand grows vegetables in his city plot, cooks for friends and family, and can be found riding his bike through the streets of Toronto.